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/ Your contribution to the program

You are invited to contribute to the program at the Congress in St. Kitts. Find out how you can get involved below. 


The following applies to all your contributions:

  • English is the main language for all contributions. If translation is needed, you must provide it yourself.¬†
  • Your contribution must not have any financial implications for BPW International.¬†
  • Your contribution should be within the framework of the BPW International¬†Theme¬†of this triennium 2021-2024: New Actions through Cooperation

Please note the registration deadline for your contribution: workshops and panels until June 30, 2024, market stands until July 31, 2024


We are looking forward to your contribution to the BPW International Congress 2024 and thank you for your commitment. ūüíē



Application for a Workshop at the International Congress


You can apply for a space (in terms of time and location) for a workshop on a topic related to BPW International's triennial theme "New Action through Cooperation", where the organizer of the workshop and the participants of the congress can share their knowledge and experiences.

Submission by June 30th 2024, in English;¬†duration¬†1 to 1¬ľ¬† hours, max. 50 people.


> Online application form




Application for a Panel at the International Congress


Apply for the opportunity to organize a panel. This can either take the form of a presentation followed by a Q&A session or a panel with several keynote speakers and subsequent discussion.

Submission by¬†June 30th 2024,¬†in English;¬†duration¬†1 to 1¬ľ¬† hours, max. 50 people.


> Online application form


Market Stands


Application for a Market Stand at the International Congress


The marketplace is located in the spacious corridor next to the ballroom where congress participants can meet and hang out. You can rent a table (90*90 or 180*90) where you can offer your products for sale. Read more in the online registration form.

Submission by July 31st 2024, in English.


> Online application form